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by Bertolt Brecht

In a new translation by Binyamin Shalom

THE PRIVATE LIFE OF THE MASTER RACE charts the submission of ordinary German citizens to the Nazi Party line. Suspicion, fear and the ever-narrowing parameters of patriotism are all surprisingly relevant in Brecht's response to regimen change in his native Germany in the 1930s.

'I wanted a new translation because I feel that the message in this play is so relevant to what is happening in America right now. I see this play as a warning. Although the events take place in Germany between 1933-1938, these events are not unique to that time. They are events that could happen anywhere at any time, and are only more likely to happen if the prevailing attitude is 'that could never happen here.'' Tracy Hostmyer, Producing Director, Roust.

WHAT: PRIVATE LIFE OF THE MASTER RACE (aka FEAR AND MISERY OF THE THIRD REICH) by Bertolt Brecht in a world premiere contemporary American translation by Binyamin Shalom
WHERE: Soho Rep's Walkerspace, New York City
WHO: Director: James Phillip Gates, Producer: Tracy Hostmyer for Roust, Set Design: 
Richard Hoover, Lighting Design: Andy Smith, Costume Design: Heather Klar, Technical Director: Mark Mocha, Production Stage Manager: Marta Stout, Sound Design: Susan Margaret Smale, Original Composition: Giovanni Spinelli, Acting Company: Kristin Barnett-Ford, Tracy Hostmyer, Betty Hudson, David Beck, Nicholas Daniele, Peter Levine, Khris Lewin and Brad Russell

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