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by Pete Holmberg

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein and the birth of the #metoo movement, three male partners in a successful PR firm convene behind closed doors to discuss a pivotal hiring decision.

As the media fallout descends, American executives are being pressured to evolve in their public discourse, while confidential conversations are devolving at warp speed. The disparity between public messaging and private communication has never been more pronounced.


Three middle-aged executives - Luddy, Kyle & David - have a brutally frank Human Resources conversation. They want to make the final decision on the exhaustive search they’ve conducted for a new SVP. Their hunt has yielded four final candidates who have been subjected to rigorous interviews and secretly christened: Overpriced Guy, Weak-Handshake Guy, The Fat Chick, and The Hot Chick.


Through a ruthless process of elimination, David’s shameless misogyny, Kyle’s internalized homophobia, and Luddy’s covert lust are all laid bare, and three candidates fall by the wayside.


Are the revelations about Weinstein et al., actually CHANGING hiring conversations, or merely throwing a wrench into them?

WHERE: The Secret Theatre, Long Island City, NY
WHO: Director: Jenny Tibbels, Producer: Roust Theatre Company, Set, Costume & Lights: Roust Theatre Company, Production Stage Manager: Stephanie Hollander, Sound Design: Jenny Tibbels, Acting Company: Charlie Gorilla, Khris Lewin and Jonny Maldonado

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