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by Sophocles

In a new adaptation by Aole T. Miller

I KREON is a new interpretation of Sophocles' Antigone and focuses on Kreon's point of view. How does the leader of a shattered nation, a nation who's Towers have fallen, begin the process of rebuilding and reuniting that nation? How does he best honor the dead? What sacrifice is he willing to make to secure this rebuilt nation?

This is a co-production with Brooklyn-based New Moon Rep and was developed over three months of workshops involving text, mask work, movement and improvisation. Some of the language has been inspired by the political speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., George Bush Sr., Osama Bin Laden, Ferdinand Marcos, Adolph Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi.

Dealing with the issue of being an American today, the world of the play is New Thebes and asks the poignant question, "Can a modern ruler rebuilding a nation destroyed by terrorism be both a benevolent 'father' and an officer of the state?"

WHAT: I KREON by Sophocles in a new adaptation by Aole T. Miller

WHERE: Soho Rep's Walkerspace, New York City
WHO: Producers: James Phillip Gates and Tracy Hostmyer for Roust, New Moon Rep, Executive Producer: Samantha Rudin, Director: Aole T. Miller, Set and Costume Design: Shana McKay Burns, Lighting Design: Andrew D. Smith, Stage Manager: Shannon Sexton, Technical Director: Mark Mocha, Dramaturgy: Baraka de Soleil, Assistant Director: Prentice Onayemi, Original Composition: Chan, Acting Company: Rebecca Hackett, Claire Siebers, Maggie Surovell, Max Arnaud, David Beck, Ian Eaton, Paul Harkins, Rafael Jordan, Ian Lowe and James Luse

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